14 septembre 2014

[OUTFIT] Pink beanie & High Platform

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a nice sunday. I received a lot of package this last days. If I do a big haul it'll be a loooong blogspot *haha*.
I reflect to do a video "haul" to present my last makeup purchases. What do you think about this idea ?

The rokku style miss me so much. I don't know why, I prefer to wear a rokku style during autumn or winter. [leather vest, black fur, tights... *haha*]

All I wear are my last purchase. I received a big package from Japan. I'm "a little" annoyed when I went collect my package : 41 € of custom fee !! That's practically the half of my purchases... Seriously ??

Despite my bitterness, I'm glad to receive my items. I bought a pink beanie & a black skirt from Ghost of Harlem. I'm a huge fan of Prisila brand. I start to have a big collection. I wanted to try the extension, I bought the volume version. [I'll develop all prisila items on a next article]

The occasion websites are always a good way to find clothe in a good prices. On gyaru sale [on facebook], I bought a Glavil dress.
My friend, Myriam, sold me her platform shoes from Glad News. I love these new babys ~

See you next week before my holiday. Take care of you. Don't hesitate to comment my look.

Kisses & Hugs,

13 septembre 2014

[HAUL] Princess Apparel

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Thank you for your votes on my last article & your comments for my rokku nail art. [You can continue to vote - click here].
Today, I would like to do a special haul about "Princess Apparel".

Princess Apparel is a webshop create by Rox, a gorgeous gyaru. All products are handmade. She made kawaii jewelleries and accessories. She find her inspirations in japanese fashion. The design can be adore by a large public of japanese fashion lovers. 

I've a crush for a black choker "Hime Pearl Choker Black". I like the mix of the velvet of the choker & the pearl chains. Perfect for Hime gyaru, I can imagine it with an Agejo style. That's a classy touch on an outfit.
The finish of the choke is irreprochable. I really appreciate the details : clean without glue & no damage. Beware, the choker is delicate. I put it in a pouch to don't mix with my accessories.

The shipping is sent from netherland. I received my package in less of two weeks. It's faster, for only 3€ of shipping fee. I can follow the history of my order on the webshop and by email.

I paid 20 € & 3€ of shipping : Good quality & accessible prices. In fact, I don't find any bad points. Her products are gorgeous, the design are unique, I'm charmed. 

Don't forget, you can bought this choker on Princess Apparel.

Kisses & Hugs,

7 septembre 2014

[TUTORIAL] Rokku Nail Art #5

Hi Gals,

How are You ? You miss me so much  ~. I took a little break on my blog. You can always follow me on my facebook page. I'll go on vacation to Corsica very sooon ! [Two Weeks] I need to breathe.  My programme : Horse ride, plunge, boat, restaurants & gorgeous landscape. 

Today, I uploaded a new nail art tutorial on Youtube. Don't hesitate to comment & add a "thumb up" 

What I use in this video : 

◥ Stars - wheel from Claire's
◥ Stars stickers - Crosses Andrea Fulerton Sephora

Hope you'll like it ! Now you can choose the next nail art tutorial. Which tutorial do you want to see ? You can vote 1 or 2

Kisses & Hugs,

17 août 2014

[REVIEW] Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey - Hanavillage

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good week end. Today, I rest. Yesterday, I went to Dax to make the feria. That's a big celebration in the south of France during the summer. All people are in white & red. There are bullfights, musics, parade of bandas, games... and a lot of bars where people drink a lot *haha*. I really enjoy this moment.

Korben & I
So... That's not the subject of this article. That's my second review from Hanavillage. I chose a new pair of circle lens on this webstore : Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey.

If you interrested, stay with me and check my review ~


 The Geo Mimi Cappuccino brings the café effect to your eyes. Available in three coffee inspired colors it makes your eyes look naturally bigger and adds a sparkle to them. Priced at $21.50 it lends a fresh look to your face. With a 15mm diameter it perfectly fits your eyes. It is guaranteed to fetch you attention all day long. Available in brown, grey and red colors.

Diameter : 15.0mm

Base Curve : 8.70mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Manufacturer : GEO Medical
Left power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Right power : - 0.00 ; -6.00
Price : $21.50


The design of the lentille is complex. In the center, there is like a grey sun who finish in a darker shade.
When I apply it, the color is black on my eyes. [Despite my green eyes] I researched another reviews about this circle lens ; the observation is the same. Your look is black. The design reminds me the "Geo Bella Grey" but with less intensity. 

Makeup of the day


The difficulty of these circle lenses is to put it on my eyes. I don't know why, I never found the good side and I always put my circle lens inside out. [a one-in-two chance] I can't make the difference of each side.
These circle lenses can correct my eyesight [Left & Right 0,00 ; -6,00]


That's the key point of these circle lenses. The diameter is 15 mm & fit perfectly your eyes with this particular design.
This big enlargement don't fit with a soft makeup : A little freaky & definetly not natural. I prefer with a strong makeup with false lashes in addition. Your look is like a doll : Intense & Luminous.

That's my second pair of the collection "Princess Mimi". I confess that I never bought these circle lenses before.
Today, I appreciate it. I never a a big eyes before [Except my Kimchi Bambi Pink]. I'm in the category of the little eyes ; I always searched a doll look. That's convinced me to test another color
And you ? Do you want to buy these circle lenses ?

Geo Mimi Cappuccino Grey is available on Hanavillage for $21.50.

My Neo Gyaru look - Soon on my lookbook ~

Kisses & Hugs,

13 août 2014

[REVIEW] Dolly Wink - Eyebrow Mascara

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good sunday. I already do a new post. Few days ago, I received my order from HanaVillage. It's a website who sell cosmetics and circle lens and in collaboration with Lensvillage.com.

◥ Short description of Hanavillage :
HanaVillage.com aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service. We carry more than thousand of products in store. We also own another website LensVillage, a circle lenses store which is quite established since few years ago. You may find our customer reviews throughout different channel. 

The first product that I present to you is a eyebrow mascara from Dolly Wink. It was in my wish list since a long time ; Let's go to review to know why ~
◥ Packaging

The product is like a mascara. The brush is not bigger than an euro coin. Thanks to that, the application is more precise. The many bristles of the brush catch all the hairs of your eyebrow. 

◥ Color

I chose the color "Milk tea", the tint the lightest. It's caramel-colored with bronze reflection. It's the color who match with my ginger hair. Beware ! Wring the brush to don't put to much product on your eyebrow. "Milk tea" can be a good tint for dark blonde, ginger or a light brown.

This mascara unifies the color of your eyebrow.

◥ Performance

The mascara colours & fill your eyebrow. The product is like a gel ; your eyebrows don't move, all a day. It keeps the form and the color doesn't disappear. You can touch : no transfer color ~

→ Precise & little brush,
→ The color matches perfect with my ginger hair,
→ With the gel, your eyebrows don't move during 24 hours,
→ A uniform color.

→ The color is a little bit shiny for a natural look,
→ If want a precise drawing of your eyebrow, you should use a pencil. [In additional or not].

Preview of my next update

And you gals, What do you use for your eyebrows ? Are you convinced by this product ?
You can buy it on HanaVillage.com for $ 18,80.
Soon, in my next articles, I'll present two another products : Black liquid eyeliner by Dolly Wink & the super + BB cream by Skin79. Stay Tuned ~

Kisses & Hugs,


~~ ~~