1 mars 2015

[REVIEW] LockShop Wig - Mermaid Milk Tea

Dear Gals,

How are you my lovelies ? You can see on my instagram & my blog ; i'm in love of my new blond wig from lockshop. [I'm so glad to buy it thanks to my love, Ly]. I wanted to do a little review. Don't hesitate to let a comment ~
Our beautiful Mermaid style has long, soft waves that give a glamorous look, but can easily be worn in a day to day way too! They are a bit higher maintenance than our other wigs, due to the length and style, and they definitely need to be brushed through, but it's definitely a style that makes any mermaid green with envy! - Lockshop
The wig is exactly the same than the description by Lockshop. The only problem is the fringe. Itself, the fringe is too long. I cut it a straight fringe. I'm glad about the result. I was very afraid to fail the hairdo.

Our regular wigs can be styled up to 200°C or 390°F. However, to be safe, we advise to style our wigs no higher than 150°C or 300°F. Wigs, just like real hair, can be damaged by heat styling so please do it carefully and use high quality tools. - Lockshop
The fiber is synthetic but very natural look. You can stylized your wig with a straightener or a curl iron. Beware of the temperature to preserve your wig. The waves are perfect, I didn't use an curl iron.
[Tips - I use a Boar bristle hairbrushes]


The color is not exactly the same. On the picture, the color is darker ; I received it more lighter. It's not a problem to match with my light skin but can be it weird if you wanted more an ash blond.


The lockshop wigs are very good qualities & naturals. The finishings is the good point of this wig. The sewings are nice with fibers backcombed to don't have the demarcation. The net hair is adapted for my [Big] head & the clips keep well the wig on your head.

The wig is voluminous, heavy, with a good fiber. I recommend this wig for a first buy.

Do you have tested the lockshop wigs ? What do you thing about ? Have a good week end, See you next week ~

Kisses & Hugs,

25 février 2015

[TAG] Day 04 - A picture of a memorable night

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I'm back with the 4th day of "Gyaru Meme" Tag. I'm working on my next review for this week end. For french readers, I update my Youtube channel every saturday. [A bun in 5 minutes]

◥ Day 04 - A picture of a memorable night

Without hesitation, my best & memorable night. It's the recording of Kawaii Internationnal "Episode #09 Kawaii Summit ~Tokyo's DOKUMO Models & You!~".

That's a really impressive & unique experience. I had so much fun with my lovely gals Natalie & Céline. We stay up all night to discuss with Dokumo Model & the presenters. I miss this moment so so so so much.

You can read my two articles about this experience :

☆ ★ Kawaii International - Rushes 
☆ ★ Kawaii International - Recording

Kisses & Hugs,

14 février 2015

[REVIEW] Les bijoux de Sharuru

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a good week end [& have a good valentine's day]. I pass a romantic week-end with my husband in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is really a gorgeous city ~

Today, I would like to make a review about my new crush "Les bijoux de Sharuru" [French Webshop]. I met the creator during a convention. Today, she sells her products on her webshop. Today, She offers me the opportunity to try her products that I'll present to you. 

She sent me a lucky pack mix XL [~20 euros without shipping on her webshop]. You can have the possibility to choose a theme like : Fairy Key, Girly, Wonderland, Bleu, Gourmand, Romantique, Creepy & Surprise. 

The concept is the same like a lucky bag, however, you can choose the theme. 

☆ What's in my lucky pack ? 

◥ A ring "purple pompon" 6€*

It's a ring adjustable on each finger. The design is retro with this mix of kawaii with the purple pompon.

◥ Kawaii box 6€*

A little box to put little objects as nail art decorations or your false lashes. I like the details with the cake, like a delicious dessert.
Beware, the box is in glass ; It's breakable.

◥ Stars earrings

A cute pastel earring with a side with litle holographic stars & glitters. The back side is simple with a purple color. The only problems with these earrings is the hook. The hook is in plastic & difficult to insert in my ear.

◥ Wonderland mirror 9€*

The mirror is 100% inspired by "Wonderland" [The white rabbit, the mushroom, the card, the ribbon with rabbit ear...] . There is two normal mirrors [not magnifying]

◥  Purple Cupcake x Cross necklace 

I adore the details of the pendant. Always in a pastel color, it's a kawaii necklace easily to coordinate with a cute or more mature outfit.
However, the only problem is the necklace. It seems very delicate. I think to change the necklace with a cord.

* Prices available on her webshop. There are 3 similar  products on her webshop. 21€ in total for these three products without the necklace & the earrings. Really profitable !

☆ Tips of maintenance 

¹ - You need : a toothbrush & dish soap,
² - Pass the creation in tepid water & brush it carefully,
³ - Rinse in the tepid water & dry with paper.

The webshop "Les bijoux de Sharuru" can ship worldwide. Check her conditions & the prices on her webshop.If you need more informations or a customizable creation check her facebook and her webshop. Don't hesitate to support her !

Do you like kawaii accessories ? What's your favourite brand, your inspirations ? Have a good Valentine's day.

Kisses & Hugs,

13 février 2015

[GIVEAWAY] Blippo Giveaway

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Thank gosh it's friday ! For all my lovely followers, Blippo.com organizes a giveaway. You can participate now. Hurry up you've 2 weeks to participate. It's open for worldwide readers.[You need to do one entry of your choice to participate of this giveaway]


- Shiny Glitter Flakes,
- Fashion Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers,
- Nail Stickers - Style 10.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a wonderful week end & good luck,

Kisses & Hugs,

11 février 2015

[TUTORIAL] "How I apply my false lashes"

Dear Gals,

How Are you today ? No blogpost today, just a youtube video in french. A lot of my friends & my lovely readers ask me "How I apply my false lashes".

So, I make a video. I'm so sorry, it's in french. However, I'll give you some tips when you want wear false lashes : 

- Always have a glue on your handbag,
- Put you mirror down, 
- Beware with the glues included in the false lashes packets,
- Test your new glue at home. [To verify if you don't do an allergy],
- Cut your false lashes to facilitate the application,
- The time of drying of the glue is important. [20 - 30 second]

Don't desperate, if it's difficult for you. You just need more training.Don't hesitate to ask me tutorials & some tips. I'll try to answer very fastly.

Kisses & Hugs,


~~ ~~