1 novembre 2015

[EVENT] Giveaway on my Youtube Channel

Dear Gals,

How are you my lovelies ? I'm so glad. I've more of 500 followers on Youtube !! Thank you to support me and to be more and more. This adventure is just amazing, Youtube is an incredible place to exchange with many people.

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To thank you, I created a giveaway on my Youtube Channel. About the prices, I tried to be original for this first concours, hope you'll like it. Don't worry it's free and open worldwide. You just should complete the form. [Click Here]

Don't hesitate to share on facebook, twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #concours #concoursagepoyo

See you next week, take care of you ~

Kisses & Hugs,

25 octobre 2015

[HAUL] Amazing Birthday gifts

Dear Girls,

How are you my lovelies ? I'm sooooo sorry to didn't post last week. As promise, I publish my birthday's haul. The 24th september, It was my birthday. It's always an amazing day that I pass with my friends & my family. Thank you again, to all of you to wish my birthday. I received so gorgeous gifts. 

☆ Light Ring

In my cave, I need light. You know now my desire to improve the quality of my pictures & my videos. I really wanted this light ring. Yes, not very girly but just practical.

☆ Too Faced "Boudoir Eyes"

Please !! When I saw the Ly's palette, I was falling in love. I already a lot of palette but this palette... It's one of my favourite FOREVER. Now I use it everyday. I let you imagine my happiness to have this gift.

☆ Glavil Pink Dress

I don't know why I've an obsession with pink color. I've flashed on this Glavil dress. I'm glad to add a colour touch in my showroom. 70% of my wardrobe are black. A little sad... Maybe a new resolution of 2016 ?

☆ Instax Mini 8 

A wonderful, amazing gift of my gals Natalie & Ly. I wanted to cry of hapiness. That's the most pretty gift of the world. Now, I want a picture of all events with my family & my friends. I need to buy new films, I would like cute films. If you've good adresses, websites, anything. Please tell me. 
You can notice that I customized it to add a princess touch. *haha*

☆ DaTura "Fluffy" Vest

A gorgeous gift of my husband. I can describe you my face when I see this vest for the first time. When you wear it, You are so class... Even if you wear your pajama, a jogging or a plastic bag. Class in every circumstances.

I'm so lucky, isn't it ? I was so busy with my work & I went out to many events... I didn't have times to do a lot of articles & videos. I think to do a little blogpost about these events.

If there is an event to don't miss... It's my future giveaway on my Youtube channel for my 500 followers. Thank you so much to support me. ♥ Stay Tuned, The giveway is coming soon.

11 octobre 2015

[EVENT] Ideas for Halloween

Hi Gals,

How are you. Yes, I know it's not my birthday haul... I'm waiting a package before to show you this haul. Be patiente, and please forgive me. [Kiss ?] 

I would like to writte an article in link with my halloween makeup tutorial. If you miss it, you can watch it below : 

I wanted to keep my gyaru side and add a gory touch. I found my inspiration in a japanese legend : Kuchisake-onna. [Like a "Joker smile" if you prefer] If you don't already do, Follow me on my Youtube Channel

So, I return to the subject of this article. I list to you some ideas of gyaru outfit for Halloween. Let's start spam pictuuures ~

☆ Disney Costume

☆ Policemen vs Prisoners

☆ Animals

☆ Demons

☆ Nurse [... With blood or not]

☆ Military

Tell me gals, what's your favourite outfit ? What are you doing during Halloween ? Take care of you, see you next week... [With maybe my haul *haha*]

Kisses & Hugs,

4 octobre 2015

[BEAUTY] My fall skin routine

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I have so many things to say you... First... Thank you for all gals who wish me my birthday [It was the 24th september]. I've got gorgeous gifts, I'll show you in a next post. Suspense ~ *haha*
Fall is my favourite season, however, it's the start of many problems for me... Cold, redness, dry skin... My skin needs a nourishing routine.


I start to wash my face with " Super Cleansing Wash Hyaluronic Acid" by Kose Cosmeport Softymo. It's very soft for my face and adapted for all skins. I'm impressed to durability of this product. You need only a knob.
After that, I cool down my face with "The beauty Elixir" by Caudalie. [My favourite feeling of the morning]
I finish to apply a moisturizer by Mixa who reduce rednesses and calm my skin. Very effective and cheap. If I've a spot, I use the very effective "Tea Tree Blemish" by The Body Shop.


The most important step is the makeup removal.
First, I use my remover mascara by Heroine Make. Thank to this product, you don't damage your lashes. Then, I remove the oil with a cotton impregnated of micellar solution "Créaline H2O" by Bioderma.
When I finish to clean my eyes, I use a deep cleaning oil by Kose. This product is just amazing... My favourite after Bioderma. I finish to wash my face with my favourite soap with acid hyaluronic by Kose.
Before to sleep, I like to spray on my face a cornflower water. [The cornflower is ideal for sensitive skin end relieves puffiness ]. I finish to apply a rich moisturizer by Le Petit Olivier [For sensible and Dry skin]
One per week, I apply a mask. This moment, I use printed masks. *haha* [Check my post about this]

What is your skin routine ? What is your favourite product ? Do you have product for sensitive skin to advise me ?

Have a good week end, See you next week.

Kisses & Hugs,

23 septembre 2015

[FASHION] 小悪魔 Ageha September 2015

Dear Gals,

How are you ? I'm so so so happy, I received my 小悪魔 Ageha of september. The cover with Sakurina is just... Absolutely gorgeous. The question is... Is it the contents is as interesting as the cover ?

小悪魔 Ageha of september offer many good themes like outfits, a lot of hairdo tutorial, makeup tutorial.

I really adore the part when the models do a makeup with a specific brand like : Jilll Stuart, Mac, Anna Sui, Rimmel, Addiction...Don't worry, you don't need to spend a lot to have a good makeup.

The pictures are very pretty and good illustrated. It's a pleasure to read it. Some of brands are very present in this magazine like DaTura, Emiria Wiz, Duras, Resexxy and Ghost of Harlem.

The big fail of the magazine is a typing error : Ghorst of Harlem. So, yes, it's funny. It looks like to a burp's sound.

In generale, it's one of my favourite issue ; Surely thanks to the good fall collection. That gives me the desire to buy new clothes. *haha*

If you want to buy this magazine you can click on the Ageha picture below. I add another magazines who are interesting for you like Jelly, Popteen & Happie Nuts. Take care of you ~

Koakuma ageha / Neko Publishing Jelly / Bunkasha
Happie nuts / Neko Publishing Soul Sister Japanese Bad Girl's Culture Magazine VOL. 15 / Million Shuppan

Kisses & Hugs,


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